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Nov 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
be is nevada. dean heller is facing democratic representative shelly berkeley. dan springer is live at the heller elects -- heller election headquarters in las vegas. what do we know at this hour? >> jaime, it is empty here because the republicans all wept home. went home. this was supposed to be a battle ground state. it didn't turn out that way. president obama carried nevada by over 6%. a lot of people split their vote today. we jus word that dean heller who is the republican who was running for the senate has won his race against shelly berkeley. this was his first try for the senate because he was the incumbent that was appointed when john enson had to resign in disgrace from a sex scandal. heller retains his seat. he wins his first election. this was not supposed to be as close as it was. it was only a point and a half separating the two, about 12,000 votes. but it was very close because as you just mentioned we saw a huge minority population, a huge young people vote here. hispanics came out in big numbers. we saw a huge get out the vote effort. we saw people at a polling pla
Nov 19, 2012 5:00pm PST
: where does that leave us? take the gun case and the heller case which was viewed as an expansesive interpretation of the second amendment. who won-- >> no, barack obama--this is the thing, the democratic party made a decision. chuck schumer has even talked about this, there are certain issues we're giving up on, and gun control is one of them. during the 2008 campaign barack obama was traveling the country saying i think there is a right to bear arms guaranteeed to second amendment. >> eliot: i want to go down this narrow path with much more full fullsome than democrats want. >> some democrats. >> eliot: but this is an example of what you're saying, roberts a change constitutionalist. >> correct, whether it's second amendment in the heller case or citizens united, the signature decision of the roberts court which revolutionized the doctrine of campaign finance and how campaigns are ran in this country. this is an agenda for change. >> eliot: althougher lou you said citizens united was a signature case. what about the healthcare. it wasn't central to anybody's conversation. explain
Nov 7, 2012 3:00am EST
help. >>> projection now, cnn now says dean heller has retain his senate seat from the state of nevada. he defeated shelley berkley in a really tight race there. dean heller won, despite the victory in that state from president obama. what does that mean for the make-up of the house and senate? the senate, the democrats will still maintain control of the senate. and in the house, the republicans, as we've been saying all night. the republican there's maintain the control of the house of representatives. barack obama has been reelected president so this maintains the status quo in washington which by some accounts hasn't been all that great lately. especially with a fiscal cliff looming. for more on what that means and what the financial markets think about the election, back to soledad. >> thank you. take a look at what the markets are saying. good morning. >> it is basically as expected. the markets, investors wanted mitt romney but they thought they would get barack obama and it is a status quo essentially. you'll have a president and a congress, house, at odds about how to fix the f
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
to dean heller. it stays with him. and while president obama carried 28 states last time, he carried 26 or 27 states this time, depending on how florida goes. that means republicans did lose everything else, but got back indiana and also north carolina. so it was not a totally hopeless night for republicans. also, hey, remember the crazy thaddeus mccotter seat in michigan, where thaddeus mccotter screwed up and they had to run this reindeer herder, santa claus impersonator for the seat, a guy whose own brother says he's crazy. that guy won. the shirtless reindeer guy won. so the republicans have him. big picture in the house, thanks mostly to redistricting the republicans were not in danger of losing the house, and they didn't legal cause it, even though the republican majority appears to have shrunk there. and even though they did get the reindeer guy. but in terms of, honestly, of what went well for republicans in this election, that was pretty much it. it is a short list. want to talk about what went well on the other side last night? i'm actually going to pause for a second to give
Nov 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
dean heller, dean heller questioned the legitimacy of the 14th amendment, against the dream act, this is in a state with a sizable latino population. >> that's right. >> the question is, when -- when does the alarm bell get rung? when do people understand this is not a tenable strategy going forward? >> potentially after this election. since 2010, i've long said you can win in these gerrymander districts if you're a tea partier but statewide or nationwide you really can't without, again, be appealing to a broader base of people. and who knows whether or not the republican party will heed the message. i actually hope part of what the results yield tonight is a message to whoever gets elected that this idea of not collaborating, not working together is unacceptable because i think most americans are pretty sick of that. >> governor, you are a denison of the keystone state and i ask you, in terms of the senate race with bob casey and tom smith, you said casey, he hasn't run a campaign, he's run one ad a stupid tea party ad. what do you make of that race and the fact that mitt romne
Nov 1, 2012 8:30am EDT
district. i think you are right about that. as far as the senate races, we believe dean heller will defeat shelley berkeley. it will be close. the democrats are doing well. we believe president obama will in nevada and the hispanic vote plays a big role. an upset is not unheard of, given these circumstances. i would not rule out berkeley entirely, by any means, but i think dean heller will manage to win a close election because he's the incumbent. as far as missouri, we kept that open for a while. let's be honest, the republicans are apoplectic about todd akin. the republicans managed in their primary to find the the one candidate who could've lost to claire mccaskill. mitt romney is going to win 55% in missouri this year. i think any respectable republican who did not put both feet in his mouth would have carried that race. we now think claire mccaskill has a lead to a large enough to survive the romney landslide in missouri. also, there is a libertarian on the ballot there. that percentage will surprise you. that's where a lot of republicans who will not support todd akin and will not su
Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
the appointed senator dean heller there. those races are going to give the democrats if they're able to win any of them. i think they'll hold on to jon tester's seat. i think tammy baldwin will win and i have doubts of how it will go in nevada. 22 seats really when you add the independents or the 23 seats when you add the independents were available were vulnerable, open or contested yes this year the democrats have been able to hold that off and at the very least i think we'll maintain the 53-47 because i think king in maine who will win as an independent will actually be caucusing with the democrats. all they can do is better than where they are right now. i think that's terrific. >> jennifer: michael i would put heidi hyde's tamper in north dakota. i think the democrats will have about 55 seats in the senate. i also say that elizabeth warren i think she'll win. >> eliot: jennifer and i we knew her when she was an a.g. a number years back. spectacular campaign and wonderful individual. when she began her race a year or so ago she called me and said nobody thinks i can win. i'm the only one in
FOX Business
Nov 6, 2012 9:00pm EST
, and dean heller in nevada as well. an appointed person to the sea, trying to hold onto that seat there from a strong challenge by congresswoman shelley berkley. that deal the one thank you very much. just about 30 seconds away from the next state closing. iowa, nevada, utah. lou: it looks like a night in which
FOX News
Nov 8, 2012 3:00pm PST
-elect dean heller defeated addleson foe shelly berkeley, a democrat. forbes put it in perspective. $53 million may sound like a chuck of change, it's not much for a guy worth $20.5 billion. imagine an average person with $100,000 net worth, buying a pair of shoes for $250. you'd care if you lost them, but you wouldn't be ruined. finally one kentucky candidate learned the hard way that every vote counts. robert mcdonald finished in a dead heat with to livia bilou for time seat on the walton city council. one vote that was not cast would have put him over the top. only one vote would have done it. cincinnati inquirer reports that mcdonald's wife who works nights at hospital and finishing nursing training did not make it to the polls. so now his election will hinge on a coin flip. president obama didn't have to rely, of course, on con flip to get his second term but now he has some decisions to make. about who is going to be working with him over the next four years. correspondent shannon bream on the possibilities. >> that is something i'm in the process now of trying to determine. >> as
Nov 3, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to hold. >> ohio? >> you skipped on me. >> nevada. >> nevada. close but to dean heller. >> all right. next one? >> ohio. it's closed up but brown wins. >> does he outperform the president by what, two points? >> i don't know. >> yeah, yeah. >> if you were to guess, it's going to be a tight race? >> florida, nelson beats mak. then we get to virginia. >> where are you there? >> i guess i would give kane maybe a tiny finger on the scale. >> give it to blue? >> i don't know. >> we'll put it there for now. that gets us through the presidential toss-ups. let's go to the red states if you will. these are a ton of great states. >> flake wins. >> montana, that's scary. everybody, both sides say it's really too close. >> the libtarian candidate is going to make the winning number. >> it could. >> i guess he gets a couple. this guy john tester up a point or two and the question is does that save him? let's do edge tester. >> all right. next one? north dakota right next door. >> berg wins. it's very very close. >> the same way you feel about montana. >> yeah. >> not quite as close. >> yeah. >> let's s
Nov 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
alienating female voters. nice work. and then we have dean heller of nevada. new. he voted against the ryan budget. he's, of course, from the same state as harry reid. so you can count on the majority leader to keep the pressure on him. and then mark kirk of illinois who took the president's old senate seat. he's a moderate who voted to repeal don't ask don't tell but on the other hand he also voted for the ryan budget. finally, lindsey graham, collaborated with democrats on issues like immigration and climate change but is up for re-election in the very red state of south carolina in 2014. he will probably feel pressure from the right to stand firm. joining me now is sahilkapuh. he wrote the article about the five republican senators who might work across the aisle. he joins us from washington d.c. i'm also joined by our favorite democratic strategist, donnie fowler. thanks donnie, thanks, is sahil for joining me inside "the war room." can harry reid bring those republican senators over to avoid a filibu
Nov 17, 2012 7:00am EST
.c. versus heller. that was a tremendous victory for second amendment rights. one of the thing that strikes principal dissent. it purports to be original. not very bad original -- what a statement of victory that in a word of the parisians we are all original lists. that is a sign of what happened in the legal world, we have won many of these arguments. the legal world is transformed because of the men and women in this room taking a principal focus and winning the argument and my view in the political world, this is an organization that reveres the constitution. i would guess if i asked the people in this room how many of you would like to be a federal judge? half the hands would go up. but that constitution, federal judicial incredibly important. and article 3 of the constitution. there's a reason the framers began with article i and article xi, the courts and political branches were inextricably intertwined. we may well see the consequences of this last election the last four years. in a way that i think is paramount. the press after an election in which republicans don't do well. it alw
Nov 7, 2012 9:00am EST
and robert is a cnbc could contributor as well. robert helde robert heller, what happens now? he's going to have big decisions to make when it comes time to reverse this policy if in fact you believe that is going to happen sometime soon. >> they will do everything possible to support his policies. they will continue to buy a humongous amount of debt and fi nan the deficit. >> bob, what about you? i guess it's hard to talk about a reversal of fed policy when you have a day like today and discussions like we're having regarding the fiscal cliff. is it somehow accelerated in the months to come given the risks in the near term. >> i think there's hope that it will come to an end at some point. i doubt that mr. bernanke is going to be around after the first january 2014. i can't imagine that he'd want a new term, although i agree with robert that that probably wouldn't change the course of monetary policy. i think at the very least we've got another year and a month of what we now have. >> yeah. does the current environment, robert heller, change your view as to how the fed is to act? we're
Nov 28, 2012 9:00am EST
: the senator from nevada. mr. heller: thank you, madam president. one of the most visible discretions of the strength of our democracy is a moment when incoming president stands on the steps of the capitol, lays his hands on the bible and takes the owing of office. in that moment america undergoes a peaceful transition of power that so many countries can only hope for. or like this year, the president will smoothly resume his duty for another four years. as we anticipate this remarkable moment just in a few short weeks, we're reminded of the american people's ability to come together even after long and challenging campaigns. i will watch that inauguration and remember my own difficult campaign. as we reflect on this past year, we are all reminded that this president, the house and the senate have not been given any mandate by the american people. for proof look no further than the close margin of victors and the wide disparity in the ideology between the two parties. the only mandate is for republicans and democrats to work together. what we saw during this election was an american e
Nov 5, 2012 10:00pm PST
, there the republicans are still leading but berkeley is closing in on dean heller, 2 points behind. even there they're not comfortable. in montana, john tester has retaken the lead 48-46 over dan imr rehberg so the democrats democrats might hold on to that seat and in bibi tammy baldwin with a significant lead over tommy thompson. these days, 3 points is significant and i've seen more polls where she's more comfortable. when you look at all that you go damn! might not only the democrats lose seats they might gain seats in the senate. which leads us to connecticut where we had joe lieberman retiring so-called democrat, and chris mcmurphy, real democrat, running against linda mcmann. linda mcmann said it's tough trying to run as a republican in connecticut so let's deceive people to think i'm running on the same ticket as president obama. >> i'm supporting linda mcmann and barack obama. >> i'm voting for barack obama and linda mcmann on the independent line. >> i'm voting for president obama and linda mcmann. >> almost everyone in that is black. hilarious. nonsense hasn't worked. chris murphy leading
Nov 8, 2012 2:00pm PST
of the night were dean heller, the incumbent appointed senator in nevada and deb fischer. more than $100 million went to candidates who won versus those who lost. it turns out his rate of return if you want to put this in business terms was an anemic 1.29% return on the dollar in terms of winners and beating people he didn't like. he was asked about it, mr. adelson, on fox, actually rove was on fox. >> yeah, look, if groups like crossroads were not active this race would have been over a long time ago. president obama came out of the box on may 15th with $215 million of advertising over 2 1/2 month period designed to demonize mitt romney. >> how is that for an argument. if it wasn't for his own money, romney would have been less competitive and would have lost earlier. how will that fly with the billionaires who put their money into this thing. michael isikoff knows about this stuff. he's national investigative correspondent for nbc news. john heilemann is with new york magazine and an msnbc political analyst. gentlemen, you're both pros. money, money talks. bs walks. you heard the old p
Nov 26, 2012 6:00am PST
. nevada's dean heller was the only to win in a blue state in the 2012 cycle. he narrow will he won over shelly berkeley despite the president winning the state by six. they have a none of the above. susan collins was the only other senator on the list to face voters while president obama was on the ballot. she won her third it term in 2008. the other seven were all elected or re-elected in the big republican wave of 2010. could republicans take back some of that territory in 2014 is this joining me now political analyst and editor and publisher of the cook political report, charlie cook. charlie, we have a senate announcement today. this is happenstance. we planned this last week and we can talk about 2014 and jay rockefeller. >> at least shelly capito had the decency to wait until after thanksgiving. >> mike brown announced two weeks ago he was running in 2014. >> see, i wasn't paying attention then. >> fair enough. is this all chalked up to bad recruiting by the republicans, the success rate? >> i think what we've seen is two cycles in a row of very disappointing senate elections for
Nov 5, 2012 9:00am PST
minority leader of the united states senate, gabe heller. -- dean heller deserves your support. are you going to help us win this thing, nevada? we are doing a barn burner today. we are crisscrossing the country, mitt and i are. we are asking you to work with us to stand with us, to get our country back on the right track. we know the kind of choice that's facing us. the president sounded great four years ago. he made all these wonderful promises. the hope and change sounded good to a lot of people. here's the problem. sounds like a bumper sticker. here's the problem. when he campaigned four years ago, he said he would fix all these problems. he said he would cut the deficit in half. he said he would focus on job creation. he said he would bridge the partisan -- >> vice president joe biden is live in sterling, virginia. a campaign event. let's listen in. >> we've had too much division. we've had too much division, and one of the things that i found remarkable is nobody -- none of the 50,118 that have been wounded, none of the 17,000 criticalically wounded, none of them ever ask the guy
Nov 29, 2012 5:00pm EST
, collins, crapo, grassley, heller, hutchison, isakson, kirk, lugar, moran, murkowski, rubio, snowe, and wicker, in addition to all of my democratic cosponsors. this is also a bill that has the support of the american cancer society, the pancreatic cancer action network, the lung cancer alliance, and the american association for medical research as well as the american association of medical colleges. what the bill does is asks that the national institutes of health convene and evaluate a discussion about what we call recalcitrant cancers. this actually began as a pancreatic cancer research bill, but it became apparent that there were other cancers we group now in what we call recalcitrant cancers in that they have not responded to treatment in research and they remain cancers for which there has been little progress in survivability. and because they are so deadly and so lethal, we're trying to direct a little bit more attention out of n.i.h. towards research on these cancers. for me, this has a personal component, as i know it does for many people who have been touched by pancreat
Nov 7, 2012 7:00am EST
for the republican senator dean heller, he edges out shelley. and in missouri, claire mccaskill is able to get out todd akin. this sought to be a republican seat for sure but she is able to keep her seat after those controversial remarks by todd akin a. sheet winds 55% to 39%. -- she wins 55% sun to 39%. all of these results on our web site host: read extend the olive branch to john boehner and mitch mcconnell ahead of a lame duck. i look to the challenges that we have had that i reach up to my republican colleagues in the senate and the house. let us come together, we know what the issues are, let us solve them he told an audience and the ballroom at the capitol hill hotel. there will have to hash out a deal by the end of the year to avert the vesco cliff of tax hikes and spending cuts. slated to begin in 2013. ron in ohio, good morning. give us your take on last night's election or yesterday's election. caller: good morning, sir. i do have respect for the office. i am not a fan of the obama curator previous caller proves what i am going to say. i think that mr. romney choosing paul r
Nov 10, 2012 2:00pm EST
in particular, but even i would include dean heller of nevada who won on the republican side, really ran separate from -- not against but separate from the party platform and the president. claire mccaskill, john tester, heidi heitkamp from the dakota, joe donnelly for sure from indiana, these are people who won because they were saying i am an independent voice, i will not be beholden to my party. and i think that you have an opportunity -- whether or not they take it and not is quite another question -- but you have an opportunity to have a new center in the scented. it would be mostly made up of democrats, unfortunately. but i think it will be interesting to watch all of these people and how they behave, particularly when it comes to tax reform. i think it is one place where they could be tremendously influential and be the bridge that sort of gets it done. >> terrific. ice build think we have a microphone assistance. let's -- i still think we have microphone assistance. let's play stump the band -- >> i think it is stump the chumps. >> anybody closer already have a microphone? >> wha
FOX Business
Nov 30, 2012 1:00pm EST
balls. ashley: okay. [ laughter ] lauren simonetti on the floor of the nyc. >> let's ask bobby heller. we have the market higher just about a minute ago. >> i thought we would be writing the rallies the next few days. the gdp numbers look pretty good. when you first saw them, you were saying could this really be. i find it hard to believe that the overall economy is doing better. >> speaking of the santa claus rally, will the fiscal cliff kill any type of santa claus rally that we will have? >> i think we will fall off the fiscal cliff and the republicans will have an easier job with tax to their constituents. >> back to you guys. tracy: way to show christmas cheer. if you wake up monday morning expecting big progress, you were way wrong. you should have gone back to bed. gerri willis, host of "the willis report," is here to break it down. gerri: last night, for the first time, we got a real look at what the president is proposing. everybody threw up their hands. ashley: aman said today he just burst out laughing. gerri: just how crazy this is, the president has proposed getting rid o
FOX Business
Nov 5, 2012 9:20am EST
life and property. >> you're correct. in a recent case, heller versus the district of columbia, the supreme court said just exactly that. we're the not talking about on a public street, not talking downtown, we're talking about on your property in your house. >> but not in your. >> not in your car, that would vary from state to state. what does vary on your property, in the house as long as the gun is lawfully owned. stuart: you're clear and your clarity we like. >> it's easy to be clear if you agree with the law. and stuart, trying to make sense. >> did you just have a helium balloon that you just-- >> that's her majesty. >> and quiet on the set, please? i want you to call the election tomorrow, who wins, not who do you want to win, who wins? >> romney. stuart: charles. charles: romney. >> liz, a toss up to the the wire. stuart: don't hedge. >> obama. stuart: okay. and now we know where we all stand, don't we, liz. >> i'm not saying that-- >> see you in the morning. stuart: thank you, judge. >> and i'll see you tomorrow night, i hear, a special. stuart: don't forget 5 p.m. eas
Nov 8, 2012 4:00am PST
. needless to say it was a long jaring night for people staying at the hotel. people like jim heller here. gemma tell us were you awakened by an alarm. >> i was in a deep deep sleep and probably about 1:15 a.m. a very loud piercing voice like an alarm. my first reaction was what a dumb kid pulled the alarm i was angry. >> it kept going on and on and on and what happened. >> good one on for about five to seven minutes and i was looking around to see by to take it seriously. i looked out the window and the first responders were there say get out get out. for all of a sudden everyone went to the stairwell. >> there was no time to get fully clothed. i mean i could see wrapping your arms and had shorts on. >> i am still in my pajamas that is where sang. these are my slipping close. >> i've been imagine you are freezing in the middle of the night. >> less than what is a good way to put it. >> you're staring at the coffee do i drink it why not treated. you want to go back to bed. >> my body does not know what time did i hear from the east coast. i went to bed at 11:00 p.m. and that woke up at 4:
Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
including todd akin and mr. heller in nevada. but too much damage has been done in some ways. we are going to see clair mccaskill -- she won't win by double digits, but she will probably have a comfortable lead. >> let's talk about nevada. >> i think that is one state where republicans are more worried about it early on. republicans could still win, but maybe narrowly. dean heller could pull it off. i think berkeley has hidden a slight hit in favorability ratings. i think he deserves credit for what has been a good campaign run it could have to do with a five or 6.1 not sure she will be able to pull this race off yet. it has been a while as we have seen this -- besar outside of the margin. >> a lot of money being spent in upstate. >> this is where democrats certainly work for it. the candidate, richard carmona, he has a campaign dream and everything and he is a former surgeon general. i think by now we are seeing the states go back is not an overwhelming lean but obama and democrats are talking very early on. we actually saw mitt romney last night. and that speaks a lot to state that has a
Nov 1, 2012 1:00pm EDT
as the senate races, we believe dean heller will defeat shelley berkeley. it will be close. the democrats are doinga le. an upset is not unheard ofgiven. i would not rule out berkeley entirely, by any means, but i think dean heller will manage to win a close election because he's the incumbent. as far as missouri, we kept that open for a while. let's be honest, the republicans are apoplectic about todd akin. the republicans managed in their primary to find the the one candidate who could've lost to claire mccaskill. mitt romney is going to win 55% in missouri this year. i think any respectable republican who did not put both feet in his mouth would have carried that race. we now think claire mccaskill has a lead to a large enough to survive the romney landslide in missouri. also, there is a libertarian on the ballot there. that percentage will surprise you. that's where a lot of republicans who will not support todd akin and will not support claire mccaskill will go, i think. that should enable claire mccaskill to hold received another six years. host: when you look at virginia, what will
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 72 (some duplicates have been removed)